“Through each door is an opportunity to serve”

Mission Statement

To provide personal and enthusiastic knowledge that fills our customer needs at the right price. Our staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for our customers. To create a better everyday life for our customers, through open doors.


To be a door and door hardware company most admire for its people, partnership and performance.

Core Values

  • Be diligent in all our works, whether big or small
  • Provide fast and accurate service
  • Be a team that has great synergy, brought on by empowered problem solvers and great communication
  • Our heartfelt customer service and vast amount of unique doors helps us take care of our customers
  • Above all things, remember that our community is important, whether it involves a customer, an employee or supplier– WE are all in this together!

Company Philosophy

Our employees – our people make the difference.

Our company has one goal for all: to meet and excessed our clients need through a collaborative approach of teamwork and communication.

Attention to detail from the beginning of a project to end are the core values of our work philosophy. Completing projects on time and on budget is our standard. –

Timely payment of subcontractors and supplies is our standard, a strong balance sheet and bank line of credit give our company financial strength and stability.

Diversification is our Employees, Client, Projects and trades our company performs make us a success.

DD commercial doors and Hardware, employs capable trade personnel in concrete, rough, carpentry, finish carpentry, earthwork and paving, underground and environmental work.

Our high standards of craftsmanship combined with reliability and integrity, yields a continuous list of satisfied clients.


In California and Arizona, DD Commercial Doors & Hardware, has 32 years experience installing commercial doors and hardware. We fabricate, install, repair hollow metal door and frames, install locks, exit devices, closers, door seals, thresholds and automatic openers. We also install and repair store front door closers and hardware.

We can also provide doors, frames, hardware materials only, for installation by others, and we have many different manufactures to offer.

We are outfitted to be mobile and can perform all of our services onsite.